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Public Inquiry Support

Public Inquiry Support
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Public Inquiry Support

Public Inquiry

Are you going to Public Inquiry?
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Have you received notification from the Office of the Traffic Commissioners you are to attend a Public Inquiry?

If so, you could have received this for many reasons in relation to your Goods Vehicle or Passenger Transport Vehicle Operators Licence, as DVSA have high tech intelligence gathering systems from Automatic Vehicle Recognition to Operator Compliance Risk Scores systems to mobile weigh bridges to Whistle blower lines, to good old fashioned site visits and road side stops, any negative findings can result in an operator being called to Public Inquiry.

OLMC have supported 100’s of operators in your situation over the last 15 years, we fully understand the worry and the risk to your business of potentially losing your operator’s licence.

Call us for an open, honest, frank discussion about your situation, we offer, free, confidential advice at any time. Call 0800 158 8029

Information that will help you understand the calling to a public Inquiry:

A public inquiry is “called” when a business or sole trader is accused of operating goods vehicles or passenger vehicles in a way that is not compliant with operator licensing legislation.

Now you have received your letter calling you to public inquiry, it’s vital that you take action as soon as possible. Delaying action can be very detrimental to the possibility of a positive outcome.

  • If called to public inquiry, your operator licence, ability to operate vehicles and your own repute as an operator is now at risk.
  • If called to public inquiry, the repute of the business owner, Director, Partners or Sole trader are at risk.
  • The Traffic Commissioners have extensive powers to affect your business, this includes the ability to restrict the vehicles you can operate and where you can operate from.
  • The Traffic Commissioners have extensive powers to make you carry out additional duties (Undertakings) or EVEN REVOKE YOUR OPERATORS LICENCE.

The traffic Commissioner will be acting on information received from the Driver and vehicle standards Agency (DVSA) (previously known as VOSA)

It is for the Operator of the operator’s licence to present their side of the case to the Traffic Commissioners to ensure fair balance is brought to the process, this is where OLMC and our expertise comes in, we fully understand the complexities of operator licensing legislation, so call our Public Inquiry Team to discuss your case in total confidence.