Compliance Packages
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Compliance Packages

Compliance Packages
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Compliance Packages

Compliance Packages

As a Consultancy we take pride in supporting your business. Your priority is your business, our priority is your compliance.

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It is always best to talk...

Contact us for a customised package.

At OLMC we specialize in ensuring our services are tailored to each individual operator, we understand that transport is not a “one size fits all” and businesses come in all sizes, types and operations.

Whether transport is your main priority or if transport is needed to assist in the running of your business (I.e. Builders merchant, Scaffolders, Skip Operators) we are here to ensure all your needs are covered to keep you on the right side of operator licence compliance.

To meet your compliance undertakings, that are included for ALL operator licenses, OLMC offer a monthly service to fully and effectively manage your operator licence.

More increasingly operators have “Special undertakings” listed against their operator licence to have external help in the management of the operator licence or compliance audits. OLMC are appointed Consultants listed against a number of operator licenses by the Office of the Traffic Commissioners, our processes and systems, have never failed to meet the test of scrutiny.

OLMC offer monthly packages arranged around the amount of support your business wants/needs, we provide a fully written, and agreed document, so you know who is responsible for what.

Below is just some of the services we offer on a monthly basis:
  • Compliance Audits – Monthly, Quarterly, Annually.
  • Maintenance Forward Planning.
  • Defect reporting system
  • Daily walk-around check – Nil defect reporting system.
  • Tachograph analysis.
  • Vehicle record retention and retention systems.
  • OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score) Monthly reporting.
  • Driver Training (CPC)
  • Director and “persons of responsibility” compliance training
  • Driver CPC Checks
  • Wheel nut security systems
  • Rolling Road Brake Test management.


Contact OLMC with your requirements, we will provide a bespoke compliance package to suite your licence and operation, at an agreed monthly figure that works for you and your business.