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OLMC are independent transport consultants who offer various services designed for vehicle operators.

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    Vehicle Operator Licensing Service | Cross Transport Compliance Service | HGV Operator Licence UK

    Welcome to OLMC Group. We specialise in all things transport related! From compliance services and training to HGV operator licences or PSV operator licences. Our transport consultancy is based in Wakefield, Yorkshire but help businesses across the UK with compliance services such as application support, auditing and more. Whatever the requirements, OLMC Group is here to help. We're experts in helping business owners, sole traders and drivers with compliance and transport legislation. Looking for support with an operator’s licence application? Or need us to complete an audit? You’re in the right place. For a full list of our transport consultancy and compliance services, see our services list below.

    Operator’s Licence

    UK business owners who require a HGV Operator’s licence need to be fully prepared for the regulations and legislation that comes along with their licence. That's why OLMC Group is on hand to help with any questions regarding compliance, auditing or on-going requirements. We can even prepare operator's licence applications for our clients and offer accredited driver CPC training course packages.

    Compliance Services

    OLMC Group offer a wide range of transport compliance services to business owners from all over the UK. Our compliance services include the likes of compliance training for licence holders, refresher training for transport managers, operator licence compliance audits and much more. Our compliance audits cover all aspects of operator licensing and we provide a full, written report of our audit findings, once this is completed. Our compliance audits analyse areas such as driver management, maintenance, vehicle specification, driver hours and more.

    Tacho Analysis and Management

    Our HGV compliance services also extends to tachographs. Our tachograph analysis and management are done entirely in-house, which provides our clients with a high standard of service and ensures that when it comes to HGV operation, the UK legal obligations are being met.

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    OLMC Group offer a wide range of transport compliance services, just contact us today on 0800 158 8029 or email info@olmcgroup.co.uk. We have transport consultants who specialise in every service you can imagine! So if you're looking for help with operator licence applications, auditing, tachographs or anything else, we can help you, wherever you're located in the UK.

    Our Clients

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    Driver CPC Courses

    Our Periodic Driver CPC courses are designed to be of the highest relevance to today's drivers and start at only £55.

    Compliance Awareness - Operator Licensed Vehicles

    LGV Pre-Use Inspection and Defect Reporting

    PCV Pre_Use Inspection and Defect Reporting

    Driver Hours Regulations

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